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Hard to be Forgotten

I remember when I was bidding you guys farewell, you were all astonished when I said I will forget each one of you in a matter of weeks. I remember Annanya saying, “you would be the meanest if you will ever forget us sir”. I didn’t know how dear you are to me until I left. When I get stressed out by studies, I find solace by going over the few moments I had with you in my album. Sometimes I just remember some of the jokes or ¬†emotional conversations we had together and smile alone. AP Goyal Shimla University may not be the best college in Himachal, but it introduced into my life some amazing people I will never forget. Especially the staff and students of Architecture department. I wonder if any of you can remember some of the episodes listed below.

  • Singing “Koi mil gaya” with Vimal being recorded by Sparya. Disclaimer – Vimal is Jogesh’s wife so no flirting involved during the recording ūüôā

  • Decided to have coffee at the cafeteria but Ankoor, Ilona and I were all busy on our phones while Sparya was busy clicking photos.


  • Ilona, Sparya and all other Indians were busy celebrating India’s independence day, my first and second year students decided to give me the best birthday party ever. I still can’t figure out what they¬†meant by “the king of the sky, Sadda Cheetah.” Amisha Karanwal thought she can be my favorite student without attending my birthday party.
  • When Sugandha ma’am refused to provide cups for tea and there was an engineer among the faculties in the Architecture department.


  • While Ilona and her Haja (Sparya) were celebrating the departure of my bestie – Sudanshu Rastogi, behold, my Haj (Prem Ankoor) showed up. How else could I had been able to convince Ilona ma’am that Celine Dion was right when she said “God knows that I’m alive”. She thought I was crazy for believing one God exists unbeknown to her that Ankoor believes in many Gods.
  • And that farewell meeting in the department when some of the students couldn’t control their tears. If I didn’t have a stone heart I would have cried too. Not the kind of unnecessary tears of Amisha when I criticized her design, but the remorseful ones of Bhawana. ¬† Right then ¬†I knew that I can never forget forget you guys.

Those moments can’t be forgotten. I hope to see you again soon.